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EHR Consultation

EHR Consultation Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV

Phase I: Strategy & Teams
The time has come for EHR and you don’t know where to start? As former clinical application coordinators, we offer invaluable experience and necessary familiarity with the overall concept of EHR implementation. We know first-hand just how daunting a task it can be. Our consultants are available for onsite clinic evaluations, project management suggestions and will work directly with your administration, CAC and EHR Implementation Team to develop a plan. Having a solid plan and a committed team of leaders from the beginning will help ensure that your resources, whether it be time, money or people, are used efficiently.

Phase II: Implementation & Deployment Planning
Investing in the RPMS EHR is no small matter. Once an overall plan is developed, our team of consultants can help determine the best approach for implementation and deployment. No two sites are alike in this phase and challenges here may vary significantly. For instance, your site may have staff ready to embrace the EHR, while others are stuck simply trying to overcome the resistance to change.  Or, you may have a CAC onsite who is willing to invest a lot of time and effort into making your system great, while other sites struggle to find a CAC. Our consultants understand that the challenges to implementing and deploying EHR are unique to your site.

Phase III: Training & Implementation
Training is, arguably, the single most critical piece in a successful EHR implementation. Your administration commits resources, your CAC and EHR Team commit time, but your people decide whether or not your system succeeds. Investing in training is the best way to ease fears and open minds to the opportunities EHR brings. Our consultants are available in many ways to serve this need. On-site training can be arranged as well as Super End User training.  In the interest of preserving your resources, we also offer WebEx trainings and teleconferencing to provide ultimate flexibility throughout the implementation phase.
Implementation can be done many ways, although a well thought-out, stepwise approach is recommended. We’ll help you develop a plan to execute implementation based on the individual needs of your staff. Our consultants can be on-site during your deployment and work directly with your medical staff during the transition.

Phase IV: Optimization
Your new system is functioning and your staff is finally convinced they no longer need paper charts. Congratulations, you are now considered a “live” EHR site. It’s been a long road, but keep in mind, your journey doesn’t end here. It’s important to make the most of your software capabilities realizing that EHR is a dynamic system requiring continuous maintenance. Whether it be changes to your medication menus or re-configuration of the GUI after a recent patch, it is imperative that your site keep up to date. Our consultants will work closely with your CAC to help you get the most from your established EHR.


Pharmacy & EHR Informatics, LLC
Telephone: 1-607-745-9048


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