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Pharmacy & EHR
Informatics, LLC
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The Company

Pharmacy & EHR Informatics, LLC was founded in 2010 by three former IHS pharmacists in an attempt to offer small sites some experienced guidance in the early stages of the RPMS EHR implementation. In particular, we focused on pharmacy database population simply because of the major role the pharmacy package plays in the RPMS EHR. What we quickly learned is that many sites throughout Indian Country need more than drug database set up followed by a quick exit by a contractor. They need ongoing support, and often times, in areas other than pharmacy.

As experienced clinical application coordinators (CAC), we have been exactly where you are…wherever you are. The difference? We’re an independent team with no agenda other than making your system work for you. As an independent company, we work for you. We are firm believers in taking a team approach to every project, large or small, and we take a deep personal interest in everything we do. So not only are we able to identify closely with your concerns, we make them our priority.


Pharmacy & EHR Informatics, LLC
Telephone: 1-607-745-9048


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